Ensemble 54 - Clarinet Quartet


Project "A" features arrangements from the Baroque through masterpieces by Mozart to Carter and Tomasi. This program uses a number of instruments in the clarinet family from the E-flat through bass clarinet displaying a wide variety of colors with this ensemble. A homogenous blending of voices is achieved through a Mozart Divertimento, while lightness and sheer color is heard in the Tomasi. The objective is to show the flexibility of the ensemble through most of the major musical genres.

Project "B" is what we like to call our dance program. This program features master works that seem to call out for clarinet quartet arrangements! The repertoire comes from early music to classical menuets to tangos from around the world. A new take and excitement is added to well known Ballet works while the group also introduces you to music you may never have heard before.

Project "C" is called " Ensemble54 and Friends" and is an invitation for you to join the ensemble in some larger scale works! The full range of the clarinet family is featured in this program from the E-flat clarinet to the imposing contrabass clarinet. Works by Antonio Vivaldi, Jean Francaix, Florent Schmitt, Claude Debussy, Bela Kovacs make this a delight for everyone involved. This program is very flexible, and is designed to work with the addition of other instrumentalists from ocarina to vocalist and beyond

Project "D" is called " Ensemble54 plays contemporary music." You might think that of course a clarinet quartet would have this type of program as that is when the bulk of our music was written. This is true, but the idea is to feature what we consider the best of compositions that were written specifically for this formation as well as newly commissioned works. Commissioning works is an important part of the idea behind Ensemble54, and we are always looking for new music. This program presents works that were recently written for the ensemble. We have often found as well that many composers have written works for this type of ensemble, but may not have had a suitable group to play them. We are hoping to fill that need and invite composers and/or composition faculty to share their works for this program. We are happy to learn and play them.